Hey there, and welcome to The Voltex Texts! My name is Voltex; I’m a writer, gamer, and photographer, among other things. You can learn a little more about me over at the aptly titled “About Me” page.

If you’ve got any super important questions (or even not-so-important questions), you can use the also appropriately titled “Contact Me” page.

Chances are that you’re actually here for the Blog, so there’s a handy link for you, assuming you missed the giant bar at the top that has links to all of these pages already. My goal with the blog is to go into more depth and detail on any and all subjects that come to my mind; something that isn’t entirely possible on my Instagram, which is geared specifically towards my amiibo photography (with some diversions into other Nintendo related content). I’ve rambled more on my plan (or lack of) for this place in my first post, so you can give that a quick skim if you’re still curious.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and I hope you’ll stick around!


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