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Welcome to The Voltex Texts!
It’s a terrible name, I know. I’m not really good at that part.

So what is this place? Chances are you’ve hopped over from my Instagram (voltex.amiibo for those who haven’t heard of me before), so you know a little bit about me already. I’m a big fan of Nintendo, and an avid collector of their ‘amiibo’ figures. I take photos of those figures in my spare time and share them with my audience on Instagram. I typically feature at least one photo from another person each day, and I’ve played some Splatoon 2 with members of the community on occasion.

I’m a big fan of Instagram, and I don’t plan to end my time there any time soon – but recently I have found Instagram’s limits to be somewhat constraining. For starters, it’s a photo focused platform; if I have something I want to say, I need to do it quickly, and preferably in a photo (or a quick, low-quality video, which just, ugh no thanks). It’s a great way to share your excitement in the moment, and looking back you can see how myself and other accounts have grown and changed over time, and the app offers many different ways to keep in contact with other members.

But if I want to go into the behind the scenes of my photos at all, or perhaps discuss the ways a certain game has impacted my life – or even if I want to briefly detour into non-gaming (or even non-Nintendo) territory, that can be extremely difficult. Moreover, doing so risks alienating my audience on the platform. They follow me for my amiibo photography and my other miscellaneous Nintendo content; for me to post about Team Fortress 2 or Star Wars or even just… myself doesn’t fit.

So that’s why I’ve made this blog. It’s a place where, yes, I imagine I will frequently share my thoughts on Nintendo news, games, and even amiibo; but I’ll also diverge into other topics. Maybe I’ll talk about the latest movie I saw, or a book that had an impact on me. Maybe I’ll share a story about someone who I look up to, or a struggle that I’ve had. Maybe I’ll even dare to get a little bit personal, and share more of myself with you all. I don’t know yet, exactly, what form this blog is ultimately going to take; but I’m excited to find out.

I also want to use it as a way to connect more with all of you – whether you’ve been following me on Instagram, or if you just stumbled upon this place in your search. I want to hear what you have to say; if there are questions you have, I’d love to answer them. If there’s something in particular that you’d like to see, let me know, and I’ll do my best.

That’s about all for now, I think. No need to ramble on more than I already have. I hope you’ll stick around for the ride, and I’ll be back tomorrow with my first (real) post.


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